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This topic is somewhat regarding myself then others. It is about what i choose on future investment and living great by the time come. Why, cause for investing with mutual fund, you have to be firm and passion kind of person. Mutual fund is an investment over time and accumulation profit. Right now in the middle of world economic crisis after effect, thing like mutual fund is highly recommend by any countries authorities. This articles are about Unit Trust in Malaysia.



Every mutual fund company are required to register with SC which known as Securities Commission, as what we have in Malaysia. You can find official certifies company’s from your country SC, or what ever ‘their’ name is. Make sure they are listed or else keep away from it.


Normally, every Sc have their list of mutual legal provider company to make sure the quality is guard within public awareness of safe investment. Hence, make spot-check first before planning choosing any to manage your investment.


This is one of the most crucial point in choosing an investment over so many type you might encounter in search of the suitable one.. I should say that mutual fund is a transparency investment cause you got a niche agreements which is in black and white. No bureaucracy or hidden agenda.


Furthermore, every decision’s is in your hand instead of agent making it for you, where sometimes you might don’t know what happen. With mutual fund, you know where is the destination of financial freedom.


Secured Capitals.
Afraid not on losing your investment capitals, due to company goes bankrupt or scam took place, cause SC will be your third authority parties guarding it on behalf of investor’s which is us normally!!


When thing went wrong SC will repay back to us our capital base on their rate, of cause. At least, we don’t have to loose it all which is something intolerable.


More Fund Type to Choose.
Some specific company have more than 20 plus type of fund, that are to mention combining different type of fund into a investment package. Imagine if one fund can give us potentially 10-15% annually, what will a package of fund offer us as an investor?


It happened when you can buy even diamond exchange with much more cheaper price within it fund, rather than buying millions of share for the same thing. We can choose hundred of niche combination base of our financial interest and risk!!


Good reason to choose… Well, we might want to think of bad time, which i mean very very bad time such as death, accident of many more bad things which can happened. Its a convenience when you in needed cause you can roll out some or all of it base on your intentions. No hassle but this process will take our time within 7 working days.


But for me, it is much better than we have to wait for some time until permitted for withdrawing our own capital. There not to mention, with mutual fund, there is a strategy of switching funds according to our need on specific world market conditions. Cool huh? Indeed for me…


I want to write more, but you can read it much more precise. [more]


Note: planning on making one for myself.