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It been awhile since I got to work with ledger based jobs. Being working with local IRB make me realize this – a company without proper ledger will crumble eventually, really?

I use to think that ledger is not important, before. Nothing much to do with my life and others, especially they who have money. We can assume that their account ledger is handle by certified accountants which vary from us.

That’s why they seem happy all the time, have you ever notice that? Back to the topic, which ledger sometimes can make you happy!! Why? The answer to this is a balance ledger…

Its take 2 days for unaccounted certified like me to understand ledger data sheet and transfer it to ledger form report. Know what!! Each time finishing a ledger, its feel great cause I know step by step I’m mastering it. Hence I can use it for future use to back up my business planning in the move.

Sometimes it is fun playing all around with ledger cause from there you can learn many more on how to take charge of your financing plans. Its a basic need for anyone interested with business by learning it in a proper way. Some might disagree with me cause they are well focus with financial freedom, but hey it bring no harm to add one or two things which will enhance ‘our’ fortune 😛

Do try and you might feel the same.

P/S: Who said if you have money, you can be a successful businessman? Without ledger management thing might also turn up side down.