Hello everyone, hopes that things are fine and steady. Alright, some might say that love is much better than hate within a family relation , do you? Being opened minded is so hard if you never know “the” relevant between hate or love!!


When mentioning about love many would says that love is the most important element in life due to its tenderness… Our love is a devotion to someone important in life, especially families, love ones, friends and cliques. Without them, we might be lonely and being left behind without someone by our side.

Love is beautiful if we know what ourselves want and need from it  – but is it only one side offering or requirement. Have we consider what the ‘other’ want in exchange? Lots of thing should be put into consideration if we want to love someone, no matter who they are to us.

Where we might do anything to protect or help them, when ever in need, is it true? Ask ourself and give the answers honestly!!


When its come to hate or hatred emotions, people always do relates its with being annoy or being unhappy with somethings… Human always thought that hates are determine by one person feeling about anger, don’t like or dislike to other with only one reason. When said about hate things are always dark and ugly.

Which is when someone makes them feel unhappy and unease due to numerals thing on actions, speech or maybe stunt with unwanted reactions!! We always point our finger toward people that being hate – which we never consider anything else than, ‘its their fault’!!

But, is it true that hatred always do come from others?

Love or hate

The topic of this post is meant to be subjective, really!! Some might thought that those two words above have nothing in relation to each other. Think again!! Because of these two words the will be war, its also meant for a relationship and many more!!

Without love and hate there might never been a marriage and family!! Its also said that when we hate someone its also meant because we love them, might seem irrelevant don’t it?

Give yourselves 5 minutes to think of this topic!! then, reply your opinions, okies!! 😛 Daa