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It seems that I can’t sleep just now, which I choose to make this post for a brief short words which aspire me so much along my road to success!!


If any of you out there had heard of past through this quote do respond and remind me the source, cause it seem that searching the source is somewhat priority to me…



“Limits Exist Only In the Souls of Those Who Do Not Dreams”

“When the Archer Misses the Mark, TURN and Look For the Fault Within HIMSELF. Failure to Hits the Bulls-eye is Never the Fault of the Targets. TO PROVE YOUR AIM, IMPROVE YOURSELF!!”

“Greatest Enemy That We Can Ever Face In Life…… Is the Illusion That, THERE WILL BE MORE TIME TOMORROW THAN THERE IS TODAY!!”


“It Is More Important To Know Where YOU’RE GOING THAN TO GET THERE FAST!!”

Its been ages since last time I open this note book of mine, just hoping that for them who had heard or seen this words and still remember its source, do reply to this post!! I’ll be more that glad if you willing to share it…


Those who never heard of it, do read and happily learn and extract thing which suite yourself.