People – Pleasing Hazard Causing Chronic Stress

Chronic StressMany would never dare to even thinking out of it – having a chronic stress in today life, a life full of distractions and issues. So, everyone will try to pleased almost everyone they know; so that they will never have to deal any conflict in there future. At their lost, most of them are doing it the wrong way – making a ticking time bomb of pleasing people even it will cost their future and life.

Extreme people’s pleasing can be a leading factors for many major diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer, obesity and all manner of maladies related to chronic inflammation. It also leads to depression, anxiety and a host of psychological issues.

Chronic people pleasing equals chronic stress. Please take note – when living a life full of stress – our physiology are at risk.


1. Social Session. When ever you get along with the crowd, never give out yourself toward their mentality, which is often unhealthy. Overeating and drinking heavily while enjoying the session might cause you losing virtue as a result.

2. Acceptance. People’s Pleasing goes hand in hand with social acceptance – the course of anxiety. We pleased to get approval, which rarely we experienced no matter how many time pleasing others. Why? Its due to other people lack possessing power to give us deep approval that we seek, ultimately.

3. Pleaser Autopilot. When you are on autopilot as people’s pleaser, interestingly the people you are pleasing end up taking you for granted. Ultimately, they will take advantage of you by not reciprocating, leaving you with a feeling of chronic resentment.

4. Support-less. Human nature are blend through support from each other. People’s pleaser, are sadly tend to get less support. They tend to give it all for free, anyway, anyhow  no matter what its value and that makes them not worthy by others – just a reference when needed and a burden to help.

5. Meets never met. Being a people pleaser, we will highly disregard and neglecting our own needs. Taking time for ourself, relaxing, learning and growing as an individual takes a back seat to the demands of others – will far more put you out of this issues.

Over Pleasing is Hazardous.

Let us agree on this term – serving others is noble, while pleasing people at all cost is bad. The  worse thought that people’s pleaser had is being useful to others, so that once they need help – help will be given. This is totally wrong and hazardous!

Make a change – instead of being a people’s pleaser become one that only help when needed. Change it now!

Online – Imitation Promotes Social Blogging Bonds.

Have you ever heard of people who likes other because of their self resembles?

It is true that Imitation, the old saying goes, is the sincerest form of flattery, which also appears as an ancient personal mechanism that promotes social bonding’s and, presumably, sets the stage for relative strangers to coalesce into group of friends.

Imitation had been one most crucial characteristic within relationship bonds base on Fundamentals of Social Psychology which discuss with Fashion. What I really want to discuss is all about making an imitation which promotes social bonding in the word of blogging.

It is not something that you done by doing the exact same things, but rather doing or repeating same action with your own unique approach.

Human beings often take on same ideas, writing skills and even displays the mannerism of people with same interest which then forming groups.

To make great blogs or website that gather people all around the world are things that very crucial. Always make a research before jumping into a conclusion of making any website of blogs. What ever your interest will determine what kind of group of people you might end up in. People never do put so much interest if you set such vary scope of information within.

There is no such things as one stop centre for everything. Great blogs always focus on specific group of audiences and make great imitation of information behaviour that were needed by others. If fortunate, things might even turn up the table by reaching group that willing to make such contribution in any form just to show their supports. Individuals who match each others’ behaviours feel a sense of affinity for each other, making conflicts less likely, and cooperation more likely. Eventually, such connections extend throughout the group.

Its has been argued that the link between behaviour matching and increases in affiliation might have played an important role in human evolution by helping to maintain harmonious relationships between individuals.

To success within blogging world one should have their respective group of self imitation which connect each other toward better support and information regulation.

P/S: I always like to find more friends in numerous aspects but seldom end up with great friends which I found out later having one or two things in common.

Online – Should Companies Restrict Employees Use of Social Network?

I read many articles relating this topic, which also comes in with many feedback from the user. Such addictive manners are well known for every single person alive (if they are one of permanent online resident).

From my point of view, lots of the online resident are self-employ and have their own timetable in term of organizing every single activities. They don’t concern about boss or employer interest.

I’m here to talk about people whom working for ‘someone’ at office cubicle but in the same time spending their time making an effort within Social Networks. It is hard to comment cause I’m one of them (I never had any Internet access at the office anyway!!). How about they who does?

This crucial matter is under vast cover up everywhere globally. Incident where people get caught up during ‘session’, exposing things that confidential; and many more. This should not be happening cause when we said about Social network is all about individual, unless the ‘account’ are set up for company or corporate marketing purposes.

It is about a concept of Social Network being use as good tool rather than recklessly abandoning it flawless toward misbehave actions. Things that can be said and done are full list of possibilities when we point out toward the benefits of Social Networks services. Companies should know what is the pro and cons aspects before allowing their fellow workers deals up with the issue.

‘They’ should consult professional advices before making leap step toward Social Network cold-fusion integration within their company policies. One things that I do know – Social Networks restrictions is a must for company with no ideas of what after effect can it bring upon their precious benchmarks and branding.

Social Network are meant for they who know their goal and target, which in the same time acknowledge the disastrous effects of mishandle. Only allow Social Networks within the company if you eager to bear with the effect, either if it good or bad.

People – Finding Happiness Online

Today entry was triggered when I bumped into this entry Finding Happiness Online. I found it interesting to talk about, nice one for me. Which arouse for millions that weaving the Web 2.0 reshaping their social fabrications – its worth to ask.

Personally said as a blogger and online community’s member, its vastly affect me this last 3 years. I gain and lost friends, acquaintances, prospects and many more. Its true that social interaction is a driver for happiness, and the Web 2.0 is a valid way to experience it – well at least for me.

What concern me is how to make full command staying in control. How to make sure that we have full control of our Internet life? What kind of limitations that we have to build up within such environment toward fitting ourselves in? Ignoring the latter is a possible sign of Internet addiction, a growing problem in many parts of the world.

For me being online most of my rest hour might not label out by normal person as resting, but this is how I find my leisure within personal cube and time of mine. Its been 3 years of blogging and can tell that i’m addicted with Internet – frankly said more into other things than finding happiness, unless you might want to stake that eagerness of being heard can be state as equal as happiness? I want to be heard while making personal benchmark.

But perhaps even healthy Internet users get “addicted” — and are aware of it — to at least some degree. I hope that its not me .