Finance – What do you think about online loan.

It is hard for me to pick a topic and elaborate it on myself, always need support from the net in addition of what I might have within my sleeve. What really matter is how people might accept it while reading.

Anyway, let it because today I am here with e-loan as my entry topic. Many of you might had hear this and other have never thought of such services do exist. (you can find it out there)

Basically, this kind of services targets online users as their prospects in term of several ‘online lending and finance’ services. They support online community in various circumstances toward aiming to be pioneer within online finance industries. This kind of products and services had their boom in 2006 until 2008 but due to economic crisis some have collapse and others have long been put out of the game. There is countable provider but they still mingle up within financial crisis and struggling to maintain their fortress. I really wish that they succeed the hurdle.

I really thought that fully online financial company can be achieves due to online community that getting bigger every year. What make this idea crucial is that every single day more people plan to move their business online and that not including they who might want to start a fresh business online. Normally, this business needs financial support from its experts which came from online financial firm. They have to focus more on what people on the net really need cause for me people don’t bother what kind services company or firm can provide, rather than what fit the online needs.

I just want to know what are your opinion about this issue? Can an online finance services company breach the need of ‘the’ community? Can an online loan really be a niche for the ‘community’?

Online – Bank And Credit Unions On Twitter.

Its great to know that something out there is taking effect of many thing in the world. We could never expect what will happen in life until we dare to experience it first hand.

People will have their rumors and expectations during an attempt of searching what might be best for themselves especially when it comes to financial aspects. I want to comment on what I just read about Bank and Credit Unions on Twitter just now. It sure have great comment by readers which makes me to take a brief review.

My personal impression for Twitter is great, high above many other micro blogging which in facts many other social services out there (Please don’t get insulted – this is my personal thought). Right now, I just want to focus around this post entry’s topic and why should financial make a big consideration on Twitter.

What is Twitter future prospects. This question are hard to answer if you want some analytic figure from me, things like this are well refers to the experts. As normal online citizens I can express what the inner thought of a great micro blogging in a big step of changing financial surrounding – that is what I look at Twitter in term of this post aspect. It will change millions of people ideologies on what is the ideal financial customer care base advisory. Where people seek answer direct from the expert which in this case the ‘Bank and Credit Unions’, not to forget individual’s perspective.

Why bother to find such financial services within Twitter when you can find it somewhere else. Unless you already have one and need to find a way to approach their customer care of what ever ya’ might want to arouse – isn’t it better?

My personal expectation and hope for “THEM”, use Twitter wisely cause this is where you’ll find instant feedback from your clients and prospects (if they are your followers). For me Twitter is a mass prospects generator tool for financial company if they know what their niche, in term of what they need or to give away.

Online – Will The Online Personal Finance Specialist Survive?

Today kick start haven’t arrive yet. Still I am going to make an article while watching movie online, hope that you don’t mind.

I’m find this topic quite good to discuss for some purpose, I get the author intentions – Will the Online Personal Finance Specialists Survive? Especially, when I do the same thing. Pay bill, tracking each payment and make purchasing online. In writer case, he meant for personal financial management websites. It quite bothering at first, what kind of personal?

Its more to personal assistants for taking care each and every details relate with members financial in and out inventory – being under control. From my point of view, niche services are the main criteria which differentiate them. Services such as maximizing our budget with minimal finance disposal within coupe of over spend or fraud attempts, personal organizer which put track everything within one place which can be access anytime in case of latest financial tracks status.

Its worthless if the specialist don’t make full use of their CRM in term of finding what people really want. Until ‘They’ solve this matter and reconstructing new niche to serve their client. Otherwise, thing might get worse and they’ll out from the league and never survive for sure!!


For me everything that relates are security and user friendly system 🙂

Online – Two Crucial Ways To Choose, Before Starting Your Adsense Niche.

Have you ever experience such problems?

What to choose or not? Every person whom link or involve with Adsense entrepreneurship will ask this question first!! What kind of niche/topic will brought up fast profits? I always ask myself at early stages of my involvement into Adsense. In addition Adsense entrepreneurship do need English website/blog, which is identified as main problems.

Before starting, let me collaborate two questions for you to answer about choosing your niche.

Does you want to be aggressive Adsense Publisher?


Does you want to be passive Adsense Publisher?

Neither one you choose will bring you profits for sure, but its must take count time as an equations. You might have brief idea on which one to choose, honestly. Let me take your to another level of achievement by make sure to choose better solution base on ‘our’ conditions. Mentally and financially!!

Senior’s = Aggressive

Many who’d follow this genre of approach can make massive profits if you have understanding capital to start with. Which cost you marketing and advertisement type of investment methods where money does the ‘talk’. This sure give superb return of investment (ROI) in term of Adsense profit, but its only happen when you know the proper marketing solutions.

Thing are more to 50/50 percentage either you loose or gain!! Once you start gaining it will go forever…

Junior’s = Passive

The second way are always about slow and steady but in the end you still gain something. In this case it might take years to get what you want. The ultimate slowness’s type of approach is by building up your empire slowly, bit by bit while hoping for that investment to gain profit in understandable time of years. Which i want to add, slow ways sometimes give you slow result!

Note: Expert always said that newbies should try both type of ways, but make sure to moderate it with ‘your’ capabilities!!