Voice Out – Search And Discovery In Life.

Two word with insignificant use, which in fact, it is different. When seeing things via our keyboard it might change based on what we try to seek.

Search is an action where we knows thing and want to find more information about it. We’ll seek many known source until the end result are found – sound and solid.

Discovery is what happened when us encounter something we didn’t even knew that, we were looking for. Just name it – ideas, formulas and many more. Its the ultimate word for people who seek information and were blessed with luck. It might start with a simple search!

Life are full of surprise either by searching or seeing new discovery.

Don’t get me wrong – what I am trying to say is not about this two word individually. Its the lesson behind the action and the reaction afterwards.  An action seeking information is a deed of striving for the truth of everything, which might end up discovering things worth sharing.

We have so many things to know and so many things to understand – people might say, go find a teacher and you will learn. Learn to differentiate what matters most in life about searching and discovering things that will make a change – in our’s or other’s.

From my opinion internet will suite your purpose of searching and discovering, then later on find a teacher to explain it based on their knowledge and experience from years of studying in their expertise.

What really matter in this post is seek knowledge with information then differentiate it by comparing wisdoms and opinion of various teacher. After you get the answer and confirm it – start the spark of sharing is caring.

We never know what we search and discover will be useful toward society or even a nation. Our life are our’s but what we do will effect others.

People – Art And Freedom Of Life.

Life so beautiful that people might never realize it, yeah that’s what I mean. People are too blind to see the utmost of God creation. We tend to see what ourselves wanna see and dream off. Nothing to bother and think – it’s only in the name of any mean to achieve what we really want. Believe me there are art of freedom within what we choose that God create for us.

The art and freedom come one set which never be apart. Once we cut out the link then everything that we do is meaningless and stray away from our main purpose. The art and freedom of life are relates with human destiny. We are what we choose, yes indeed. But, we must put things that choosing it from what God put on par for us.

We might want to be a anything that our heart desire and this topic will lead toward many direction. So I should begin by briefly indicating where I suppose to take it. Art and freedom of life.

I wanna talk more about art than individual works of life in general – where art as a specific form of human endeavor. In search of intrinsic relationship between art in that human sense and freedom of life. I’m not that great in this kind of things as any level of such scholar – this is what I understand through reading many information plus my own experience. In other words, to approach this topic on a public/common philosophical level and see where that leads us.

I will do this through in terms of three different approaches to the philosophy of art.

We’ll start with analytic aesthetics in comparison of art and the passing time (history/past experience), where art of life might be said about endure. Things that have purposes that occur and only to those who realize can comprehend.  Things that happened should be held step back for a moment and approach on somewhat broader front. Its so called modern theories of abstraction of reality/world which sometimes label as life/human experience. Through this art approach we can know a better freedom. If art is, as some maintain, a source of ‘knowledge’, then it is again ‘reality’ or ‘the world’ that it is said to give us knowledge about on how to gain freedom of life. Everything about choosing the right freedom with past experience.

Next we shall focus on critical theory which emphasize by many source seem no more inclined than their analytic counterparts to think carefully about what they mean by the concept of reality in the context of art. Some might said that art of freedom depend on the analytic counterpart to think carefully the concept of reality. What are our utmost nature as human being? Which emphasize our art of freedom relating our purpose of existence – origin of human nature.

Last, theory of art within freedom of life is something interesting to know for everyone else, which another alternative thinking toward better life. A story about of both revolutionary and extreme enlighten concept. Much defer from both analytic aesthetics or critical theory, this theory of art recognize within the world in which we live not some define collective reality. Life in term of art respond with metaphysical reality. Life theory of art is the fundamental emotion man feels in the face of life, beginning with his own – which then express toward others. It is the fundamental awareness, known to each of us. Is what we choose that might or truly relates with people around us – families, friends and many other things in life.

True art and freedom of life are something we gather onward in life – never afraid to makes mistakes as long as it don’t affect others. When you try to turn back on the rightful path do believe that our Creator are there guiding as long as we eager to choose the better side of humanity – by nature, art and destiny.

Education – Make Use Law Of Attraction.

Many would say that achieving one goal is something hard to reach. They always said that people who had achieve their target and goal have something so called secret. The fact that ‘they’ do is something that common as knowledge among those who know about psychology, which state as cognitive dissonance.

In certain study people might have feel the occurrence but they never realize it because of their self-ignorance. Sit back and let we share it all here.

For an example, you may have noticed that if you change anything in your life, you start to notice that there are many more of them on the “road”. This phenomenon happens due to how our mind filters information that going through our self-awareness all the time. Our senses only notice the things that come through the filters ans those thing that interest us and it works at our unconscious level.

So, what is the next step?

All we have to do to use ‘the’ feature of this mind state, is with changing on things that we wish to notice within our unconscious mind state. This is amazingly easy thing to do. There are many methods that will do, but which ever you choose to use, please be careful on what you wish for because it will come true – if you work it right.

There are several pattern of ways, but let us focus with just only two.

Making mind map pattern note about things that you would like to do or have during period of time term. Put down anything that you want to happen however impossible base on your current state. Use this as basis for developing the ideas and double check everything with run through the goal setting process for each one. Make define and firm but never too precise (its a lot easier to achieve some goal that set to achieve rather being specific). Like wise, I want to have a BMW’s 3 series car – rather than ‘that’ car with specific modification and etc. Make your decision until ya’ feel happy and start with the execution plans.

Take cut up pictures from any magazine that have suite your ideal mind map pattern. Now, get a large sheet of paper and arrange the pictures that you have selected in any way that you like and stick them down. Some people make them sequential. Others prefer a random placement around central theme or even a tree or plant with the images hanging from the branches. Now stick the collage on a convenient wall in your house so that as you  live your normal life, you’ll walk past and notice it in your peripheral vision.

Another excellent way of setting your unconscious to accomplish things is the time line technique of putting a goal into your future line. Where you set some definite time frame of what will you gain in term of given period. This technique is quite difficult unless you already assemble solution with assist to each of your goals.

Of course, you can do both and have double the fun! I’ve done this technique my own way and right now, I’m walking through it.

So, just have a go and see what happens.

Info – How Geniuses Work? I Wonder.

While searching out the net, I stumble by this nice and great articles about How Geniuses Work which told about the subjectivity of how to grade or make an emphasize of what it really are. We will never know how Albert Einstein develop his theory of special relativity of making such great formula (E = mc2 ) that later on greatly influence humanity. Same thing goes for Isaac Newton who invented modern physics, and not to forgot about Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart whom started composing great music when he was 5 years old.

This are humanity great individual geniuses that vastly different from anyone else alive. Many stated that genius can be easily spotted in a glance, is it true? What really make them hold the title of geniuses themselves?

They  so different from us – are they non human? What make them walk the path of higher authorities within social hierarchy which define by great wisdom and abnormality from other human?

For me, what make them label out as geniuses is fact that they can push up brain potential into some level that other might think as irrelevant in a way  of achieving it. They intent to be someone who will invent or discover numerous thing that can influence human life itself. Things such unthinkable or impossible is just steps away to unveil in the purposes of improvement and astonish development.

They are subjective with a big picture concept of human capabilities which can be achieve far within normal limitations. That what makes ‘genius’ isn’t easy to quantify, analyze or study. Major research have prove that this geniuses have niche connection with IQ and EQ.

But what makes a person able to do all that? Is it a different, more agile brain? Is it exceptional intelligence? It is it an aptitude for noticing information that other people might consider irrelevant? We’ll begin looking for answers to these questions at the logical starting place for looking at genius — the human brain.

p/s: Sometimes I just hope to understand better what can make a person as they are – geniuses!!

Online – Advertise Your Website and Bring Traffic With Free Viral Marketing Techniques Within 7 Steps.

I would rather built up my personal website manually. I dunno what other might says cause this is what I most like about self-branding. Make up friends, acquaintances, and prospects  base on honesty and belief is crucial for me. If you intent to make your step do follows this 7 steps below:

Step 1
We all know that word of mouth can be the best way to spread the news about something new or something cool. This is the concept behind viral marketing–someone passes something on to a friend or colleague and it makes its rounds without any work from you. This is what we’re going to focus on–how to do something once and have the product speak for itself.

Step 2
Compiling information into an eBook and selling it (or offering it for free, of course!) can be a great way to bring people back to your site. You will establish yourself as an expert in the subject and provide great free information for your consumers, and by adding links to your website for “more information,” your customers will be checking back on your site more often than not.

Step 3
If you can do programming, or know someone that can, it would be a great idea to offer a small, simple utility program that can be of interest to those that visit your website. For example, say you have a blog or website about eBay marketing. Maybe you could offer a program that shows customers the top-selling items of the day. Something along that line. Something that people could pass on, share, blog about in their OWN blogs and send traffic your way.

Step 4
Everyone knows YouTube, and if you create videos that relate to your website and offer them on your page and also use YouTube to direct traffic to your site, you’ll be sitting pretty in no time. YouTube offers alternatives for people to “pass it on” quickly and easily to their friends and coworkers, which saves you the work of trying to “pass it on” yourself!

Step 5
If you know how to make Flash games, make a simple game that relates to your website. Be sure to keep your logo and website address prominent throughout the game so people remember it!

Step 6
Write, write, write! Write about your topic. Write blogs, articles, anything that verifies that you know what you’re talking about, your knowledgeable about your subject and then use this free material to link to your website. If people are intrigued by what you have to say, they’ll be clicking that link near the end to see what else you’ve got to share!

Step 7
Make materials that can be freely distributed among your customers. For example, if you have a website that is for teachers, create some free printouts that they can use in their classroom. Or if you’re a website focused on new mothers, create printable checklists for what to bring to the hospital or what to register for at the store. Simple things like this can be shared–just be sure your logo and website are prominent on these printouts, so your customers know how to make their way back to your website!

p/s: Sometimes you can make your own personal step after experiencing it yourselves.

Online – Hate To Say, But It Is A Must – SOMETHING About Page Rank!!

I hope for people who do read this, please do acknowledge that it have nothing to do with provoking or being sarcastic. You have all right either being agreed or disagreed with this post!! It takes me quite some time to construct word by word hoping for others to be optimistic and open mind toward it!! I’ll try to make it short and simple for other to understand!!

Brief Story About Page Rank
Page rank is a trade mark of Google inc. which known as the best search engine provider at this time. Shocking fact about this page rank, this application is patent under assign of Stanford University. Being the lead association which planning to provide many advance facilities in the near future have make them made this somewhat “page rank” thinggy!! [more]

Straight to the point about page rank, which firstly release with Google Tool bar on “enable option” application under some rules and regulation of disclaimers!! Then, Mozilla Firefox officially equips this Google Tool bar with the page rank feature into their browser!! Further action had been taken by open source side, which make their own version of page rank using Google API!!

Then, the story of new era start its journey!!

Brief Opinions Of Mine On Page Rank
From here on, I’ll go with my own opinion base on the source I found in Wikipedia about page rank!! Refer the list below:

  • Page rank uses link as votes
  • Google’s ” rel=’nofollow’ ” proposal
  • Google tool bar page rank
  • False or spoofed page rank

Page rank uses link as a votes
Sound interesting though but still there is something fishy about it, really!! Hurm, lets make it in in two aspects of pro and con. I does like the idea of link as votes, but is it necessary? It just that what I learn about votes, there never a 100% good percentage of votes for every single thing… Answer it honestly.

Some site might added you and it feel really great to acknowledge that!! Think again, when somehow, somewhere and somewhat occasion take action which your link have been add on hazardous or malicious site!! [more]

What is your perceptions? Do tell me…

Google’s ” rel=’nofollow’ ” proposal
Come on… Do you ever thought of using this method? Vast major site maybe, but how about us; small name, newbies and nobody in the NET. Think again if you want to use this method.

When the first time I think of this method, wow what a dangerous act to be done, especially for people out there whom call their self as blogger’s!! Why? Maybe you should brainstorm “the mind” about what is the function of track back?

Simple code with vast “Dark Vader” within… ho3

Google tool bar page rank
Do you ever drop by into some unwanted url, read the site and wondering why its have PR more than your interesting site? Hurm…..

This feature can be found in additional toolbar provider site, but best and much wiser is just download it from Google inc. Official and install it within your toolbar, much easier isn’t it? Now, that is for viewer!!

How about site or blog owner? They might use PRchecker and much more!! Somehow, it is important to indicate your PR in case for viewer whom don’t have it within their browser to differentiate your site!!

Note: PR will not indicate your true popularity cause sometimes its varies depending on many factor!! Base on Matt Cutts of Google inc. [more]

False or spoofed page rank
Easily manipulated!! Wow with caps, never thought that Page rank can be done with that manor. Seem hard to do for us beginner, but remember there are lots of hacker expertise on the NET!!

It seem that somehow, there is a person out there might doing this action to their unworthy site or blog for us to come in and attracts more visitor, where they only put ads and malicious thing inside.

Read more about 302 Google jacking and you’ll know what is the message i’m trying to send to you!! [more]

Personal opinion
PR seem important to many bloggers out there, which is an important fact to acknowledge!! When, I read this facts from wikipedia, I realize that PR is only one of NET component, nothing more than that…

Interests, Ambitions, Concepts, Ideas, Determination, Creativity and Trademark are much more important cause visitors can only educated with the list I stated above then just a mere number on the PAGE RANK!!

I know what is the meaning of its, because it takes me 4-5 days only to make this post with educate words of my limited wisdom and fact from reliable source!! Now its depends on visitors to differentiates it!!