Online – Perception Within Marketing – Is It Everything?

Perception within marketing is something I would like to differentiate as honey and bee. It is something that crucial and identical to an extent that people always pursuit. Everything that said and done about marketing are thing about transparencies and being honest. That is not what I going to talk about within this entry. It more to the influence of perception in term of gaining trust within marketing agenda.

Human mind state is an engine power up by deeply complex as an organ that fuel up everything that run within our head. In case of giving away such niche impression toward people educational built up for brands and individuals marketing, “Is perception enough to make the contact?”

Perception is all about influence, but does it come in handy for many cases?

Many case study have shown that perception vary from individual point of view (there are vast individuals perception out there). Which mean not every single marketing plan can be execute to different group of viewers. That why there exist thing that we call “target or focus” market which that specific what so call as ‘product’ can be convey to specific group of people. Perception is something we set up toward achieving such goal in term of gaining attentions and attracts viewer to become valuable prospects.

It’s easy to send subtle cues to other people physically or mentally in order to get them to associate certain positive traits in their mind which referred as “the power of suggestion”. This aspect make perception easily manipulated because people are less likely to guard their perception than their beliefs. Understanding this relationship is important when considering the implications of other studies and how those implication apply to marketing effort.

The thought of making such trust on recommendation within people heart are something can’t be neglect. Such recommendation are likely entrust when it comes form friends of relative, especially ones with long-term brand experience more than any other external parties. Well, when you put it that way, it’s not such a surprise, is it?

Veteran communications specialist Shel Holtz does not think it should be shocking, either, and criticizes competing viewpoints that trust is the most important metric in marketing.

“What ever happened to the importance of building awareness?” ask Holtz at his blog.  I may have greater trust in the next cube, but where did he hear about it? And if he heard about it from a trusted friends or family member, they read about it from a source that gets broad distribution. The information has to start somewhere.

To gain trust we must blast it within something that people already entrust their credibility and point of view. A good place to start, it could be argued especially if a marketer has strong organic ranking with specific keywords. Exposure to the brand, with reinforcement along the discovery process. Send a subtle message to a viewers that will sit somewhat idly and relaxed in the perception areas.

If not there, a nice endorsement from someone respected is also a good start, just for those subtle associations people don’t take too seriously but do allow to alter their behavior just slightly, either negative or positively.

This is why branding professional are so careful about the person spreading their message. It’s not as much about perception alone, but it’s an accumulation of association and trust.

Info – How Geniuses Work? I Wonder.

While searching out the net, I stumble by this nice and great articles about How Geniuses Work which told about the subjectivity of how to grade or make an emphasize of what it really are. We will never know how Albert Einstein develop his theory of special relativity of making such great formula (E = mc2 ) that later on greatly influence humanity. Same thing goes for Isaac Newton who invented modern physics, and not to forgot about Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart whom started composing great music when he was 5 years old.

This are humanity great individual geniuses that vastly different from anyone else alive. Many stated that genius can be easily spotted in a glance, is it true? What really make them hold the title of geniuses themselves?

They  so different from us – are they non human? What make them walk the path of higher authorities within social hierarchy which define by great wisdom and abnormality from other human?

For me, what make them label out as geniuses is fact that they can push up brain potential into some level that other might think as irrelevant in a way  of achieving it. They intent to be someone who will invent or discover numerous thing that can influence human life itself. Things such unthinkable or impossible is just steps away to unveil in the purposes of improvement and astonish development.

They are subjective with a big picture concept of human capabilities which can be achieve far within normal limitations. That what makes ‘genius’ isn’t easy to quantify, analyze or study. Major research have prove that this geniuses have niche connection with IQ and EQ.

But what makes a person able to do all that? Is it a different, more agile brain? Is it exceptional intelligence? It is it an aptitude for noticing information that other people might consider irrelevant? We’ll begin looking for answers to these questions at the logical starting place for looking at genius — the human brain.

p/s: Sometimes I just hope to understand better what can make a person as they are – geniuses!!