Mumbling – Cloudy Sky Outside

Its been two days since having bad dream and head ache. Looking up outside the window, such cloudy day resembling my cloudy head. I been wondering hard on what to do and what to choose for the future. Owh God please help me with this.

Its true when we have too many keys in hand we feel excited and eager to do almost all of it. Those who knows better – We can’t take all in life. There are things we have to leave behind so that the journey can be continued. I’ve been in pending mode since last two days. I really need to move and walk fast (even running is the option) but still I have problems deciding which key to hold while embracing the future.

Human will never know what best in life until it happens. The time will come and I really hope that today the decision I make will lead me for better happiness. Wish me all the best and luck.

Voice Out – Simplified Things And Planning On A Mini E-Book Before End Of 2014

Its hazy morning for today start up, but am feeling great cause after so long – I am writing writing again. I’ve taken crucial action toward many in hand project this past 2 month (since early 2014). Closing a few project (cooperation with business partner and friends) such as (5 years old company which focus on domain, hosting and website services – inactive partner are the main reason of shut-down) and www.muetguide.comĀ (2 years old company which selling Malaysia University English Test e-book online – mutual understanding of goals achieved are the main reason we choose to shut it off and distributed it for free, which I’ll cover this here).

So, this year am going to focus more on my own project – this personal blog (going to make it full and active again), (Madnilk Resources – Apparel, Printing And Premium Items Solution – my online homed based business).

Am very enthusiastic for this year cause its all about me and me to give to others – can’t wait to make many move/change while enhancing what already in hand. Owh not to forget that I am targeting to publish personal mini e-book of my own before the end of this year. Please support me.

View – Why Bother Seeking Carbon Offsets For Global Warming!!

Well I don’t know about this one – there lots of thing being said on the Net about future possibility of some new gas tax existence. People whom talking about buying a carbon offset to ease any guilt – what kind of guilt, you name it!!

Some might said that there are scam or even hideous scheme to suck people money, by standing behind green theme. Do you really think that by planning some 10-100 acre can restore what have been chop down deep down in the jungle. Building up some windmill can restore the lost of what we had done this past few centuries.

Things that these people said and done – are too good to be true. What are they thinking, honestly?

Some makes provocation toward other people – pointing up and arguing any upraise issues.

My only solution is simple – do it ourselves. We need more than just GAS TAX or what ever they might call it!! Consult the help of people, community and government. Just imagine with the world population now day – what will happen if every single house have their own approach toward preserving the nature (in many way).

Why bother about gas or carbon emission if we never concern about the functionality of nature. Even a polluted river and ocean can give effect on global warming!! It not enough to beware about your so call “offset” – being concern and caring can be add up for better anti “warming”

p/s: always start from the basic – which we must educate our future retainer of this world – children of hope!! Then we can talk about what ever scheme that “they” have in mind.