Why Do People Always Thought That Forgetting First Love Is Hard?

Its kind of funny when I heard about this topic. Some of you out there might say this topic is hard to answer, in the other side it obvious easy!! Really?

Well, its depend on your own opinion. Its more than just feelings!! The “answers” to this question are very subjective… They who said that its obviously easy to forget might said that life must go on which basically are often said by they who have better partner after that “first love”!! Why?

The answer are very simple indeed!! Just think of yourself in their situation when you find someone much better than your previous friends or girlfriend… which more tender, delicate and softer person, that if you count in if he/she might have something other don’t; such as cooking skills, children friendly and much more!!

In this case, I assume myself as the subject!! If you ask me about this question, the answer is yes!! Cause I have never remember or in other word, truly forgot about the “first love” not because that i’m married now!! t is just for me that my wife is all the love I been searching for…

Back then before I meet her and get married, I used to think that its hard to forget about “first love” and thing connected with it. I ask many people for their opinions and wisdom!! Majority answer with,”yes, it was hard for them to do so!!”. Then, I continue the process by asking them stories behind the answers!! By my own shocks, they who told me that answers are not getting so well with their current partner and always comparing it with their previous experience!!

Why that happened to them? Much more likely that they never learn from their own mistake!! They always tries to find some one with same criteria as the “first love” and try to resolves the problems according to the past experience!!

It might be true or false, maybe!! Still, people never do learn from mistakes!! alright, back to our topic!! ask yourself this question and make an analysis until you find the answers!! Then, give me you comments on this issue.

Simple VS Real Friends


  • a simple friend, when visiting, act like a guest. a real friend opens your refrigerator and help himself (and doesn’t feel even the least bit weird shutting your soft drink drawer’ with his/her foot!)
  • a simple friend has never seen you cry. a real friend has shoulders soggy from your tears..
  • a simple friend doesn’t know your parents’ first name. a real friend has their phone number in his address book.
  • a simple friend brings a bottle of wine to your party. a real friend comes early to help you cook and stays late to help you clean.
  • a simple friend hate when you call after they’ve gone to bed. a real friend ask you why you took so long to call.
  • a simple friend seeks to talk with you about your problems. a real friend seek to help you with your problems.
  • a simple friend wonders about your romantic history. a real friend could blackmail you with it.
  • a simple friend thinks the friendship is over when you have an argument. a real friend call you after you had a fight.
  • a simple friend expects you to always be there for them. a real friend expect to always be there for you.
  • a simple friend read this and and ignore it. a real friend passes it on and tell other friends!!

Tell this to anyone you care about, make email and send it to them… if you get it back you have no beginning or no ends. It keeps us together, like our circle of friends. Today I share it to all of you with this post… post it to your’s!!!!

Criteria Of Choosing Web Hosting.

I know that this might have been known to many blogger out there – It seem that people do prefer the free and shared hosting such as Blogspot, WordPress and many other provider out there. Others, they really into it seriously by taking up paid web host. The main point here – what should we do or learn the criteria of choosing our web host?

Let me make it short and direct the only different of making these decision are free versus paid web hosting – the rest you can read it all around the net. The things are you need to know the basic before reading things out.

The Criteria are simple:

  1. Avoid Advertiser if you choose free web hosting If you choose to take on one – there rest just the same. I never intent to talk about things such as Ftp access or file extension¬† – what ever. The main point is to avoid advertiser. Advertiser will only exist in the world of free web hosting which I assume that most of it had long abandon this practice.Where they impose advertisement to cover the cost of providing the free services. Sometimes it’s ok, but normally the advertisement give a paranoid experience toward visitors. Avoid this kind of provider at will and never turn back. Choose either clean free web host or just go for the paid one.
  2. Package Versus price base on satisfaction – commercial / paid hostingWell, I’m eager to share things with everyone out there about package versus price if you are aiming to get paid hosting. Almost every single company exist out there will give you the best ever we can get from them!! The truths are:
    • Choose the company that seem not interesting at all (sometimes they have their own strategies – just to get people by recommendation – website is only one of their marketing aspects)
    • Get the local provider – easy to handle and consultation (most of the thing – no such thing as foreign exchange or unrelated interest charge – just bank in or bank transfer, you’re done)
    • Paid more for better experience – sometimes being stingy for a web host is something taboo. The main reason you aiming for paid hosting is all about satisfaction. On behalf of yourselves and visitor (prospects). better takes moderate corporate hosting package for hosting privacy base on stability, speed, bandwidth, space and mostly services.
    • Finally, NEVER GO FOR RE-SELLER!!

P/S: Better call directly to the company that you have interest with. Consult them directly just in case that you might want to have their service experience before hand. than you might decide. Ok friends that all from me for now Daaaa!!