Inspiration – Demolishing A Bridge

Such random topic for today’s entry which took me awhile to make up my mind. Is it truly good to share what I have been thinking lately. Such bothersome topic to wrote up and hoping for good respond from who ever gets by into this entry – frankly said, I really need feedback for this one.

I never had such intentions of sharing this type of entry. This entry is about a word from a wisdom man (which can be classified unknown) talking about bridge. How should I put it into words, sound really weird huh – where my focus is way too deep which every aspect of this entry related to human decisions, even tough people might thought of me wanting to make a solid concrete steel bridge. Instead,  I just want to know what people thought of this topic.

Well the problem with human are all about making decisions throughout living process, but do we really understand what the most crucial decision ever to make in life. People always talking about making the right decisions. What if the right thing to be done is something unease. Which that right decisions are meant in losing something to gain other thing.

In many conditions, its already to late when we realize that something should be cast away far from our life – no mater what it takes or cost. We might loose money, friends, partner and many sweet ‘fake’ things  or shall I call it ‘dreams’. Dreams of having something which never meant for oneself.

As an example; would you throw away your friends or partner which can give you a handy hand in exchange of freedoms. Don’t you ever dare telling me that no such occasion ever happens in your life. Everyone does, but the difference vary on whether you choose money instead of freedom; love instead hatred; grudge instead of forgiving and many more. It vary base on individuals.

Most case, its about making plans to build up new bridge. What if one day you reach a condition where old bridge must be demolish for a better new bridge with greater prospects in life. The questions is are we ready for the choice and consequences.

What do you have in mind? Share it with me.

Finance – What Is Your Budget And How To Achieve It.

When talking about making a budget – people always talk something such as impossible or just forget it. While making their own judgment people fail to consider what do and what don’t. Event after getting some financial adviser consultation, things still not as what they want.

So today I’ll gonna share things important on what is your budget and how to achieve it.

1. Beware of the devil, making budget is a necessary evil.
They’re the only practical way to get a grip on your spending – and to make sure your money is being used the way you want it to be used.

2. Three (3) crucial step while making your budget.
– Identify how you’re spending money now.
– Evaluate your current spending and set goals that take into account your long-term financial objectives.
– Track your spending to make sure it stays within those guidelines.

3. Find help with time save on financial software.
If you use a personal-finance program such as Quicken or Microsoft Money, the built-in budget-making tools can create your budget for you. That makes thing easier.

4. Don’t drive yourself crazy – just focus to what crucial.
There is always a drawback in monitoring your spending, especially after looking up into the detail. Take it easy and determine your category. Once you decide which to hold firm, make a move and never turn back. Focus more on that and worry less about other.

5. Watch out for cash loophole.
If you making more trip to the ATM, and use up money which end up without explanation – it’s time to keep better records. It don’t have to be high end. Just simple note will do. examine where your cash is going.

6. Always know your limits and stick to it.
Government have their statistic that show many household spending more than what they bring in.  This doesn’t make you an automatic candidate for bankruptcy – but it’s definitely a sign you need to make some serious spending cuts.

7. Beware of luxuries and unnecessary things.
If your income doesn’t cover your costs, then some of your spending is probably for luxuries – even if you’ve been considering them to be filling a real need.

8. Save at least your 10%.
Aim to spend no more than 90% of your income. That way, you’ll have the other 10% left to save for your big-picture items.

9. Don’t count on windfalls.
When projecting the amount of money you can live on, don’t include dollars that you can’t be sure you’ll receive, such as year-end bonuses, tax refunds or investment gains.

10. Beware of spending creep.
As your annual income climbs from raises, promotions and smart investing, don’t start spending for luxuries until you’re sure that you’re staying ahead of inflation. It’s better to use those income increases as an excuse to save more.

Finally, make sure you always remember to remind yourself that money is something you can only take into account if ‘they’ came in stable. Which you gain fixed monthly. Other than that it just something you can ignore until they are stated within your account statement.

So, that all from me today. Next time, I’ll be up with Basic of banking and saving. Daa

Finance – Setting Up Your Money Priorities.

When talking about money or financial management, there are several thing that should be taken under deep consideration. Even that people with money can never run from making wise decisions when the time comes. Let go through our list below, which state clearly on what to be done about what most crucial toward setting up our money priorities or goals.

1. fix up a firm narrow up goal.
There is no such thing in this world where everyone can achieve what ever they want in one time. We probably won’t be able to gain each and every financial goals that been put up. So, it is crucial to identify which goal that clearly matters, and please decide it wisely. We’ll have better chance of achieving things that most matter by concentrating the efforts.

2. Focus first on the goals that matter.
To accomplish primary goals, you will often need to put desirable but less important ones on the back burner.

3. Please be prepare for the bad time a.k.a conflicts.
There will exist goals which conflicts with each other. Ask yourself when faced with the conflict,”Which one of the conflicting goals bring benefits more than the other? Which goal will cause more harm if it is to be put aside?”

4. Always make ‘time’ as your ally.
Always to remember that in what ever you plan in life – time are the crucial key. Believe me, what ever goals that defy time as its ally will crumble to ashes. The more time you have the more chances will rise. Which mean they who start early will find more opportunities than they who follow then. Young versus old. With longer time, people can give a full throttle toward their investment and planning horizon.

5. Make wise decisions, choose carefully.
This is all about making a list of goals, make up everything that link toward helping you achieving financially secure, happy or fulfill. Make sure you put into your A – Z; such emergency fund, pay out debt and bills. Then, make your rank down the list in their order of importance.

6. Put into account our family members.
If you have a spouse or significant other, make sure that person is part of the goal-setting process. Children, too, should have some say in goals that affect them.

7. Start now.
The longer you wait to identify and begin working toward your goals, the more difficulty you’ll have reaching them. And the longer you wait, the longer you postpone the advantage of compounding your money.

8. Sweat the big stuff and vice versa.
Once prioritized the list of goals, keep your spending on course. Always make sure that a large payment for anything non-relating should be considerable judge toward our priority/primary goal. Please try to reduce it instead, by spending some low note with something that can be fill up with the same amount of enjoyment and pleasure. That’s OK – so long as your long-range needs are taken into consideration.

9. Be prepared for change.
The last step to remember – our needs and desires will change as we age, so you should probably re-examine your priorities at least every five years.

That it for today post entry. Next time I’ll come up with  – what is our budget and how to achieve it. Daa