Online – Avoid Google Ban Even By Accident.

Many people have blindly tries many ways to put themselves up to the sleeve of higher SEO pull out. Many success but the percentage of people who got ban keep arouse each and every moment. Rather being stubborn or reckless many would make such drastic attempt to even cheat on “things” when relates with SEO.

Don’t ever put yourself in a league of spammers whom make a fuzz of flooding the online world with spam site which only intents to make money fast and leave.

My question is simple.

What do you want with your blogs or site; money, fame, fans or benchmark? 

How far will you go for something irrational overboard in the name of getting more traffics?

Don’t you bother being ban by any search engine, especially Google?

Back to our main topic. I am very sure that none of us like to be ban by Google. Many newbies have seek for answers why they had been ban by Google instead of doing nothing wrong. Of cause they don’t have any idea why things happen.

Let us share something important here – right now!!!

What NOT to do when optimizing your website?

There is two aspect taking into account when NOT to do with SEO:

On page:

  • Hidden text in your web page
  • Meta tag stuffing
  • Image Alt spamming (repeated)
  • Title tag stuffing

Off page:

  • Bad out link
    Getting ban or gray barred by Google have never been determine on link farm that linking to you, unrelated link or low page rank. None of this thing will effect your website a tiny bit of search ability by the SE. The most dangerous thing can effect your website thus can make a ban happen is the “OUT LINK“.

From what I state above – lets make it short. Bad out link from our website are surely hazardous not even to SE but also genuine visitors. What will you feel after searching the SE. Found what you want and read through. Interesting articles of info with additional info which just a link click away.

Which then end up with something inappropriate!! Now just put it into an AI for Google. What do you think “It” might do?

So, what out for link that you might want to put into your articles of website – cause you might accidentally put your future into a tarnish and dark prospects

Online – Imitation Promotes Social Blogging Bonds.

Have you ever heard of people who likes other because of their self resembles?

It is true that Imitation, the old saying goes, is the sincerest form of flattery, which also appears as an ancient personal mechanism that promotes social bonding’s and, presumably, sets the stage for relative strangers to coalesce into group of friends.

Imitation had been one most crucial characteristic within relationship bonds base on Fundamentals of Social Psychology which discuss with Fashion. What I really want to discuss is all about making an imitation which promotes social bonding in the word of blogging.

It is not something that you done by doing the exact same things, but rather doing or repeating same action with your own unique approach.

Human beings often take on same ideas, writing skills and even displays the mannerism of people with same interest which then forming groups.

To make great blogs or website that gather people all around the world are things that very crucial. Always make a research before jumping into a conclusion of making any website of blogs. What ever your interest will determine what kind of group of people you might end up in. People never do put so much interest if you set such vary scope of information within.

There is no such things as one stop centre for everything. Great blogs always focus on specific group of audiences and make great imitation of information behaviour that were needed by others. If fortunate, things might even turn up the table by reaching group that willing to make such contribution in any form just to show their supports. Individuals who match each others’ behaviours feel a sense of affinity for each other, making conflicts less likely, and cooperation more likely. Eventually, such connections extend throughout the group.

Its has been argued that the link between behaviour matching and increases in affiliation might have played an important role in human evolution by helping to maintain harmonious relationships between individuals.

To success within blogging world one should have their respective group of self imitation which connect each other toward better support and information regulation.

P/S: I always like to find more friends in numerous aspects but seldom end up with great friends which I found out later having one or two things in common.

Online – Post Frequencies Affects Traffics And Rank Subjectively.

What should I said about this topic. It seem that everyone have their own version of opinions. Well, I do know what you might be thinking of this articles, but hey – I really want to make up some point here. Many had fail to emphasize on what kind of post was it; business, personal, news letter or microblog.

People might argue on what I’ll wrote within this post and I really hope for that.

Well, I use to look at my daily statistic and guess what – it’s never bother me. Until recently that I bump into a link (click to know more) mentioning something about posting up as much as you can within one day and make it a habits in return for traffics. It even explaining the what so call “Phenomenon” with arise issue of established blogs’ index!!. This is my feedback on personal view regarding that article.

Ok, correct me if I wrong.

Great SEO base website can be nicely indexed even without frequent post entry nor lack of mass production of what so call pages.

I would never want to talk about things such as more pages equal to more index. Numbers can attract regular readers (put aside SE and SM visitors) which classified as friends or what ever people might call it. If I give you a choice – either Traffic rank or Page rank, “What will you choose?”

Traffic rank – unstable entity (people get bored of nothing special or feel spammed with the RSS feeds – boom there your traffic down the drain).

Page rank   – this one are more into your back link, side maps and contents which is very subjective.

So, I choose both by making equal calculation of stable traffics versus articles in addition of better page rank. Every blog or website need their own niche of articles post frequencies. Isn’t it obvious, a fight over personal blogs and news website such Yahoo or CNN are something incomparable.

Unless, you’re into some kind of microblog based blogging – which what ever happen of being think deep within can be share without limit. Then, frequent post or shout is infinate. Try this yourself and find out the niche point of your website or blog. Frequencies versus smart post out ratio.

That it from me for this post entry, Daaa

Inspiration – Life Is A Balance Of Work And Play, Family And Personal Time.

Every single one have their own intention of reaching what ever goals they had in mind. Sometimes, this goal are meant to be for love one, but have we ever realize that goal of our was never ask by love one. What ‘they’ really want is something agile but compromise their happiness.

Let us all share a good story and make the best of it. This one was send to me by my love one long ago – I thanks her so much (my Wife).

A long time ago, there was an EMPEROR who told his HORSEMAN that if he could ride on his horse and cover as much land area as he likes, then the emperor would gave him the area of land he has covered.

Sure enough, the horseman quickly jumped onto his horse and rode as fast as possible to cover as much land area as he could. He kept on riding and riding, whipping the horse to go as fast as possible. When he was hungry or tired, he did not stop cause he wanted to cover as much area as possible.

Came to a point when he had covered a substantial area and he was EXHAUSTED  and DYING . Then he ask himself, ” Why did I push myself so hard to cover so much land area? Now I am dying and only need a very small area to BURY  Myself”.

The above story is similar with the journey of our life. We push very hard everyday to make more MONEY , to gain POWER  and recognition. We neglect our HEALTH , time with our FAMILY  and to appreciate the surrounding beauty and the hobbies we love.

One day when we look back, we will realize that we don’t really need that much, but then we cannot turn back TIME for what we have missed.

Life is not about making money, acquiring power of RECOGNITION. Life is definitely not about work !! Work is only necessary to keep us living so as to enjoy the beauty and pleasure of life. Life is a balance of WORK and Play, FAMILY and PERSONAL time.

You have to decide how you want to balance your life. Define your priorities, realize what you are able to compromise but always let some of your decisions be base on your instincts. Happiness is the meaning and purpose of life. The whole aim of human existence.

So, take it easy, do what you want to do and appreciate nature. Life is fragile and short – Do not take life for granted.

Live a BALANCED lifestyle and enjoy it!!






People – End Behavior

Ok, what will be discuss within this entry is something important to a relationship such as sugar to an ant, really!! Hurm, maybe it something much more important that phrase – which I let all of you out there to decide.

Sharing a love relationship is God blessing to human. So, never underestimate what power does it have in hand!! If we nurture it enough with trust and honesty – love will prevail. While, anxiety and disrespect of one another privacy chaos will take over. Everyone will react to different effects; beauty or ugly.

These violations of trust will kill any relationship which are made up for 2 difference person with vice versa. Sharing a relationship is a blessing. Every single person whom bonded with their special someone must keep in mind, that respecting each other privacy and retaining trust are the true essential toward a healthy relationship.

I rather said that people should never be a fan of hard and fast rules type of relationship. To ensure that we will never breach the trust boundaries in our relationship, there are several detrimental relationship behaviours that should be avoided:

  1. Seeing into personal info. Have you ever suspect your partner over a betrayal? Even so, is that give you a right to start reading your partner personal info such message, email or voice mail? Hack into his/her personal online profiles? ‘NO’ is the definite answer!! Never do this act, cause you not even violate your partner trust but also people who left that email, message or event voice mails. Worse scenarios, if they know about your deeds!!
  2. Lying in exchange for better cause. Its way so appropriated manner to lie within a decent relationship as far as I concern. Although we’ve probably all been guilty of doing it is such manner will not give benefits. You might been thinking of doing the act in an effort to avoid hurting him/her of maybe tries to get rids of confrontations as wise decision. Such regrettable act – give a damn time of though, what will you do if the lies expose – won’t that meant for you to dig your own relationship grave. Thing will get worse in a way because of your deception which I insisted in choosing honest communications toward solving what so ever you might call problems.
  3. Making oneself as a double agent. Never ever sneak into your partner belonging – more over when it comes to private info!! No matter what you have in mind just ask directly and make good conversations,which is much more preferable than snooping all around without permissions. It is such a violent type of violations toward your partner – it a taboo!!
  4. Being a frantic freak. Everyone alive must have heard this phrase – fanatics admire. While that is not what I mean but the case scenario is quite same cause in this case one that being doing all this freaky act is you – his/her love partner!! Sound damn freaky to me. Never tailgating your partner in what so ever conditions, what will they be thinking of ya’. If they ever find out – that it no more trust for you, which then can be consider as the end of your relationship.

So even if you have some type of “intuition” that your partner is hiding something from you, it’s better to engage in a confrontation with them openly rather than searching for answers secretly. The outcome of voicing your suspicions honestly with your partner will always be better than if your partner discovers you engaged in any of the behaviours. Honesty make a perfect pair for a great return of trust.