Info – World’s Friendliest Countries.

Its been two days since my last post entry, sorry for all that friends cause I went for my brother-in-law house – family holiday, missed the kids. Ok then, back to the article. As usual I read out all the main news portal and I bump into this within yahoo –World’s Friendliest Countries.

It is such an interesting article that make me want to share the info with all of you out there. Referring David Sutton (as writer of this articles) – Those in search of a fresh start might head to these welcoming spots. Let see what I might found in the article. It was expected from reading the title, this thing basically arouse due to current situation after feedback of world economic crisis.

For me, this might be the best action toward starting a better life in better place as what been recommend by the writer. What concern me more is not the best country or languages breach out solutions but more to relationship between people. As stated within the articles, what people really find toward their new start is that a country with several requirement; such as ability to befriend locals, number that joined a community group, number that learned the language and percentage that bought property. Which is specifically good not for themselves but rather for children.

What crucial is a country safe in many aspects toward better future with ongoing effort to sustain life quality. “A significant expat community,” she says, “also means that there will be at least one truly international school, expat support groups and amenities like English-language book stores.” – Pick up from the articles During the search of better place, people tend to find something relating to ‘personal cube’ which can be let in without jeopardizing safety, in better sense being accept and heard by the community. A good place to forge friendships with people, who possess same interest and belief.

What really matter to everyone are sometimes have same degree of needs. It is the fact that we human are same and when we need new start, we just need the same community that have equal pattern those ourselves have. Ok then, that’s all for tonight. p/s: I don’t need a friendlier country, it just enough to have a better community instead.

People – Finding Happiness Online

Today entry was triggered when I bumped into this entry Finding Happiness Online. I found it interesting to talk about, nice one for me. Which arouse for millions that weaving the Web 2.0 reshaping their social fabrications – its worth to ask.

Personally said as a blogger and online community’s member, its vastly affect me this last 3 years. I gain and lost friends, acquaintances, prospects and many more. Its true that social interaction is a driver for happiness, and the Web 2.0 is a valid way to experience it – well at least for me.

What concern me is how to make full command staying in control. How to make sure that we have full control of our Internet life? What kind of limitations that we have to build up within such environment toward fitting ourselves in? Ignoring the latter is a possible sign of Internet addiction, a growing problem in many parts of the world.

For me being online most of my rest hour might not label out by normal person as resting, but this is how I find my leisure within personal cube and time of mine. Its been 3 years of blogging and can tell that i’m addicted with Internet – frankly said more into other things than finding happiness, unless you might want to stake that eagerness of being heard can be state as equal as happiness? I want to be heard while making personal benchmark.

But perhaps even healthy Internet users get “addicted” — and are aware of it — to at least some degree. I hope that its not me .