Info – How Much ‘Terrorism’ Affect Human Life?

Well, seems that there are many factors out there which I can choose but the most general and fast capt by my mind will definitely, Terrorism. Don’t take it wrong from me just to justifies it with the phrase. Many will assume that I’m talking an emphasize on war.

Terrorism are meant for bigger spec’s than that. I’m confident people would might get me wrong if they don’t read this post until the very end!! Neither nor being one sided or just stand still watching everything moving on their own. Event that is the nature!!

What we have here in my country (Malaysia) due to peace and harmony are something that people should envy, don’t you think? At lest that is what I’m thinking right here and now.

Terrorism are not just about Taliban or Osama Bin Ladin, nor does Saddam Hussin just like what ‘West’ have been told to ‘us’. I seek apologize from ‘you’ who feel this post are pointing to ‘yourselves’. I’m just been frankly honest. Quit been prank one selves.

What I see within terrorism toward human are base on many facts reliable from histories. Things happened from the early days of humanity until now, where people thoughts that it have long ended.

I much rather said that terrorism act are more to hurting others in such ways which can endanger life of others no matter what the time, place, conditions and purposes, which I’m confident many will agree. I don’t care what dictionary will said or state the meaning of it. It just don’t suit the true meaning of terrorism fairly.

In each of every country do have ‘their’ own mother terrorists resting deep within heart of none pure person waiting to explode and make such ruckus. What will call them? villains… Why don’t we call them terrorist of their own categories. Why just make it use only when it happen between two religious of country apart of interests? Can we said thing of fair equality when deep down under, things are not as what we been doing.

Aren’t human all the same? Why must make thing hard to understand? This single word can cause tremendous treat if been use with wrong approach. I want to mention that ‘terrorism’ is bad but people being unable to determine true meaning of it will make thing much worse.

This is what I try to fold up to you out there, terrorism are great treat to human but being miss told of enough education meaning of it will make much more damage than ‘thing’ when it already are!!

Terrorism have make me sick of bad deed of hurting other’s feeling in addition of life treating acts. Enough said cause terrorism are bad in every single way and people who miss understood it will make the ‘evil’ spread more violent in threatening human life!!