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Mumbling – Google Translator Gear Up. 0

Mumbling – Google Translator Gear Up.

Am dealing up on many #request – asking for me to #wakeup and start helping others with what I’ve had in hand! Requesting this unknown person to #share with them many things that they might know better. So, I’ll start...

Sharing – Shush In-Flight Talker 0

Sharing – Shush In-Flight Talker

On the move and need to rest before arriving to the next destination. You put down everything and there things goes wrong! Ever heard of in-flight talker who seem want to be friendly yet...

Mumbling – Cloudy Sky Outside 0

Mumbling – Cloudy Sky Outside

Its been two days since having bad dream and head ache. Looking up outside the window, such cloudy day resembling my cloudy head. I been wondering hard on what to do and what to...